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Running to Christ Program

The Running to Christ program is comprised of 3 elements in order to help every Catholic die the holiest death possible. The day you die is the most important day of your life, because it will determine where you will spend eternity.

  1. The Running to Christ booklet, which recommends how to use sacramentals to protect and help the dying person, and is full of prayers that have been given to us by Holy Mother Church throughout her history.
  2. A program of trained volunteers to assist the loved one and their family with the dying process, with the focus on the spiritual aspect.
  3. Enrollment in a Monthly Mass Society for the Deceased, where for a one time $30 fee, any deceased person can receive a Mass once a month by an OLMC priest, for all who are enrolled in the Society. This Society will exist for as long as the pastor throughout the years sees fit to perpetuate it.
BOOKLET: The Running to Christ booklet is available for $10 and will be sold in the parish hall on some Sundays, or by emailing runningtochristllc@gmail.com, or through the website RunningtoChrist.org.

VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: The RTC training program is run by a certified death doula, trained at the International End of Life Doula Association, who has worked with hospice programs, and is an OLMC parishioner. Each volunteer would have their own kit of blessed sacramentals, as recommended by the program, and will most often work in pairs to visit people in their homes or at a facility. They will use the booklet to pray with the dying person, and guide the family with the prayers, and in making final arrangements, according to the wishes of the loved one. As we know, not all family members of a dying parishioner are Catholic, or are still practicing the Faith, so we are there to help facilitate the dying person’s wishes, and to do the utmost for them spiritually, during the dying process. The volunteers will sometimes also communicate with the priests.

THE MONTHLY MASS SOCIETY FOR THE DECEASED: For a one-time fee of $30, any deceased person can be enrolled in our monthly Masses which will be said by an OLMC priest, for all of the members of the Society. The family will receive a certificate of membership to treasure in their homes.

Running to Christ Booklet cover