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Vision Statement

Under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School will be a Traditional Catholic Parish school, which participates in the Church’s mission to save souls by teaching students what they need to know to live well in this life so as to be happy with God in the next. We will use the timeless educational traditions of the Church which blend seamlessly with the traditional liturgy celebrated in our parish to create a truly Catholic culture of study, prayer, and charity. Our mission will be to give to our parishioners an authentic Catholic culture, where classroom, church, and home give the same expression of our faith shared by the generations of saints who have preceded us.

Our school will be thoroughly Catholic: We will teach our children the fundamental truths of God’s creation along with what He has revealed, so that they may know Him. They will be surrounded by God’s servants in the faculty, staff, and student body, and thus will be taught and encouraged to serve God, all of which helps them attain their ultimate end: to love God above all things. 

Our school will be Traditional: We will study the truths of nature and revelation in a context that harmonizes completely with how we worship and how we live our lives. We will employ educational principles that have served parish schools well for centuries; and study the same subjects and important texts that Catholic schoolchildren have learned for centuries; our teachers will not only be Catholic but strive to practice their faith as good Catholics have for centuries. Therefore, the instruction the children receive in school will harmonize with what all our families hear from the pulpit and what their parents teach them at home; they will not hear one thing about the faith at school, another at church, and a third at home, but rather learn to know and love the one Catholic faith as it has been known and loved for centuries. The music the children will learn throughout the week will be the same they listen to and sing on Sunday, the same that pervades their Catholic homes, the same music the Church has sung for centuries. The attire of the children, the good friendships they form, all aspects of our school culture will be what one would find at any good Catholic school hundreds of years ago. The Catholic Church spread throughout the whole world, converting nation after nation, teaching the same things the same way, praying the same prayers, using the same Missal, for centuries; we will employ this same very successful model in teaching our children.

Our school will be a Parish School: We will not be a specialty school; we will not have a niche. Our school will be integral to our parish, with the parish and school mutually supporting each other. Having a school will enable the parish to better fulfill its mission of saving souls; the school in turn will support parish life, as families have the peace of mind knowing that what is taught at school will match perfectly with what is seen and heard in church. Our school will primarily serve our parishioners. The Church wishes every parish to have a school, a parish school for ordinary people, not a specialty school for the extraordinarily gifted. Our school will focus on general education and strive to make this education available to each and every parish family regardless of income. Our teachers will be primarily parishioners. Just as every parishioner should have the ability to go to his parish school, so should our teachers be able to teach at their parish. Our teachers will then have the peace of mind and freedom to teach their classes in a way that participates in the culture of the parish, which is their own culture. Our school will be under the direct authority of the pastor, and our priests will teach at our school.

Finally and above all, through the Virgin Mary, we humbly submit our school to her Son, praying that we may always strive to put our Lord Jesus Christ first, in order to bring Him glory in all our actions and to one day enter into the reward of eternal life

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